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 Welcome to the Asset and Credit Rating Agency of Australasia



You’re investing in a financial instrument and you want your investment secure – so what do you chose? Imaging the following scenario!  A Financial Instrument issued by a small, not so well known bank, financial institution, or corporation; but solidly backed by prime assets -  OR - a Financial Instrument issued by a big well-known bank, financial institution, or corporation but not backed by any assets; just their name. Which has the higher rating when you are considering a purposeful investment? This is the question many investors have to consider.


Some will say the Big Bank or Institution because they are well known – others may say the asset backed instrument because it has REAL value. Maybe both are right and only you, the Investor can decide which is right for you.


That’s why we established AACRAA - to provide a tool to help you, whether a small investor or a large financial institution, to make a more qualified decision when investing in a Financial Instrument that has been rated by AACRAA. We believe an ASSET backed Instrument should be recognized and rated separately to the CREDIT-worthiness rating of the issuer.


An ASSET RATING is determined on the evaluation of the assets supporting the Financial Instrument,

A CREDIT-worthiness RATING is determined on the evaluation of the Issuer to pay its obligations when they fall due.

Our evaluation team consists of accountants and auditors who process the relevant data through a computerized evaluation module to determine and ASSET Rating and / or CREDIT-worthiness rating of issuers of Financial Instruments.


Asset Ratings are determined from a range of variables such as being backed by: cash, gold, oil, minerals, property, precious stones, precious metals, in ground or out of ground reserves to name just a few.


Credit-worthiness Ratings are determined from a range of variables such as past performance, short-, medium-, and long term projections as well as the current financial state and structures or cash flows and other market influences that will or could effect the reputation of the issuer.