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ISIN Registry


An “ISIN” is an “International Security Identification Number” which is registered on a central registry for convenient identification that the instrument has been genuinely issued by the Issuer.


AACRAA is a Central Registry where the ISIN of Financial Instruments can be registered as a convenient mechanism of checking the valid issuance of the Financial Instruments and the accuracy of the relevant registered details. The Purpose of this Registry is to confirm that the Financial Instruments logged on this registry are supported by an ASSET rating or a CREDIT worthiness rating and are thereby registered against the balance sheet of the drawer/issuer. Not all Financial Instruments have been logged on this registry.


The fact that a Financial Instruments is logged on this registry does not confirm the authenticity of the document/instrument you may have in hand. In the same way that checking the serial number of a currency note with the treasury department does not authenticate the note itself. AACRAA is not responsible for the confirmation of the material instrument; this can only be validated by presenting it to the drawer / issuer for authentication.


ISIN Search

Please supply the ISIN Number of the instrument and click on Find. This will display a list of any matching instruments. Click on any item in the list to display additional detail.


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